Dry Run Functional Test

To check function, plug the stove in and switch it on. If there are no lights,   check the fuse located on the back of the circuit board.

If the stove does start running, the exhaust blower and the auger system should start immediately. The exhaust blower should be fairly quiet and should run up to speed rapidly.

The bottom auger (seen in the firebox) should turn continuously at 1 rpm. The top auger (seen in the bottom of the pellet hopper) should run and stop on a timed cycle; it should turn at the same speed as the bottom auger while turning.

The top auger will run for approx. 1 second on lowest heat range, up to approx. 6 seconds on highest heat range on a 16 second run/stop cycle. The room air blower will not run while stove is cold

The stove will run for 30 minutes in this manner. at the end of the 30 minute cycle, the unit will shut off. this is normal and concludes the "dry run"


 five amp fuse
component locations

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