Corn Sifter (Item AC-CS)

If you have a corn stove or furnace...You'll love this!
(especially if you want a more trouble-free, clean-burning stove)

Manufactured by us in the same dependable, durable
manner that you've come to expect from all of our products...

Offers a quick, effective way to ensure that you're burning
the best fuel possible for your corn stove!


We believe in metal...

For over 30 years, we've constructed all of our top-quality stoves
out of steel, so it just made sense to design our corn sifter
around the same dependable, tough material.

Don't expect anything less to stand the test of time
(or the inevitable fall to the concrete floor as you try
to teach your spouse or kids how to use it).



Simply place the sifter on top of two, 5-gallon buckets (not included) and pour the corn slowly through (as shown here).
Large stalks and debris are caught at the top for easy removal, while useless "fines" drop out of the bottom into the waste bucket (the bucket on the left, shown above).
Good corn fuel (shown in the bucket on the right) pours into the remaining bucket, which can then be poured directly into the hopper of your stove.


Tons of helpful features:

Saves time and money!
Heavy-duty steel construction for a lifetime of use.
Increases time between stove cleanings .
Eliminates auger jams that result from excessive fines and husks
(no more emptying your hopper to get to a locked-up auger!)
Cleaner, more efficient burn.
Painted (and repaintable) surface.
Convenient carrying handle (located inside the top of the sifter).
200 square inches of screen in two mesh sizes, for the ultimate in filtering!

Order your Corn Sifter with UPS delivery:
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If you need more information on this, please call our Technical Support at (800) 245-6489 or email us.

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