Ash Vacuum

Something that anyone with a wood stove, fireplace, barbeque or
--maybe especially-- a pellet stove
can truly appreciate!!!

England's Stove Works has teamed with a leading manufacturer
to offer a very handy item for anyone
who owns a hearth-related product...
A great vacuum, made specifically for cleaning ashes...
and in particular, ashes produced from using
your favorite stove!!!
If you have owned any type of a hearth product (for longer than two weeks, that is),
then you have lived the "experience" of cleaning out ashes...
And if you have ever had this experience with a standard vacuum cleaner,
then all we can say is...we're sorry.
BUT, there's help! This is just what you need to (cleanly!) take care of
the maintenance on your England's Stove Works
Wood, Pellet or Coal stove!

Listen to what the manufacturer of this wonderful product has to say:
...These vacuums are specifically designed to remove warm to cold ash from wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces and barbecues...

And the vacuum is loaded with helpful features:
  • Patented double filter system.
  • Comes complete with a FIRE RETARDANT PRIMARY FILTER.
  • Cleaning rod and pliable filters allow cleaning without removing the lid!
    ...allows ash to pass through the hose to the canister without damage to the hose.
  • Designed for conventional stoves and fireplaces as well as pellet...

    Also available...
    Our "AC-AVT" Tool Kit:
    Comes with a Crevice Tool, Brush Tool (made with horse hair...great for cleaning the stove glass),
    and a Pellet Stove Cleaning Hose!

    Or our "AC-AVF" Filter Package:
    Includes Primary and Secondary filter for your vac.

    Order your Ash Vac:
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    Warranty is handled through the Ash Vacuum manufacturer. Warranty Statement:

    Limited One-Year Home Use Warranty Your Ash Vacuum is warranted in normal ash removal use, provided that use is in accordance with the Owner’s Manual, and safety rules listed within, against original defects in material and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. Warranty applies ONLY to original purchase and is for “For Household Use Only.” L.L.A. will not be held liable for statements made by any person(s) as to operation that vary from the terms of this limited warranty. Warranty does not apply to industrial, commercial or rental use. L.L.A. warrants the Ash Vacuum in correct operating condition, by repair or parts replacement, during the warranty period, without charge. There are no warranties, express or implied, written or verbal, which extends beyond this warranty. L.L.A. assumes no responsibility for damage or faulty performance caused by miss-use or careless handling, or where repairs have been made or attempted by others. Proof of purchase date is required.

    If you need more information on this, please call our Customer Service at (800) 245-6489 or email us.

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