Outside Air for Your Pellet Stove

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Did you know...Pellet stoves
require air from outside your home?

PU-OAK: Outside Air Kit for Pellet Units

This kit is manufactured by England's Stove Works. It provides outside air that is mandatory for most pellet installations (including all England's Stove Works models). Complete, through-the-wall outside air installation kit for pellet units includes: Aluminum Flex Hose 2 (expands to 6); Aluminum Louver; Inside Wall Plate; Outside Wall Plate; Hose Clamps.
Fits: For 25-PDVC, 55-SHP10, 55-SHP10L, 55-TRP10 and American Standard 1998 and newer. For 25-PDV, 55-SHP22, 55-SHP22L, 55-TRP22 and American Heritage 2001 and newer. Will not work with pellet add-on furnace models.
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