AC-SAGK Single Appliance Gas Installation Kit

Now -- Buy just one Gas Installation Kit to install your gas appliance!!
No more shopping around for gas pieces that may or may not fit!

User-friendly, Easy to install!
Installing your gas appliance just got easier...
Gas stoves, gas logs, gas fireplaces, gas dryers, gas water heaters...

Included are:
Piping: 25 feet of 1/2" diameter cast flexible gas piping...
Fittings: Two, 1/2" diameter brass male fittings...
Plate: 1/2" diameter termination plate...
Tape: Spool of yellow teflon tape...
Leak Detector: Bottle of leak detector...
Connector: 1/2" MIP x 1/2" FIP ball valve connector, 24" long...
Fitting: 1/2" flare x 3/8" MIP union fitting...
Instructions: Installation/Training guide and fitting assembly sheet...

Check out a few of the great features of this gas installation kit:
Gas fittings with dual seal for extra safety.
User friendly, easy to install.
No special tools required.
Easy to route around corners -- simply bend pipe.
Only two fittings with CSST hose.
Fewer joints, less potential leak points than in black iron pipe or copper pipe.
Cleaner to handle than black iron.
No cutting or threading tools required.
For Natural Gas or Liquid Propane gas.

Design Certified CSA, Manufactured by Tru-Flex Metal Hose Corp., West Lebanon, IN, U.S.A.
Will work with Englander, Summers Heat, Timber Ridge and many other stove manufacturer's models.

PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to the instructions provided with the kit by Tru-Flex, the manufacturer. As we state in our stove manuals, England's Stove Works always recommends that a qualified installer, service agency or the gas supplier perform the installation to your gas appliance.

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